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Cold Kill

Time The Winter, Present* Place Colorado Moutain Wilderness* 2 Acts with a Cast of 4 Men and 3 Women*

Cold Kill is a suspenseful, psychological drama which takes place in an isolated mountain cabin in the Colorado wilderness.

Three couples from Charlotte, North Carolina are friends socially and are involved in business ventures. They are affluent, successful and aggressive. The seventh character, Brian Manning, has fallen in love with Stephen Robeson's wife, Laura.

Robeson, the play's leading character, skillfully manipulates the three couples to plan a cross-country skiing trip in Colorado. For the thrill and adventure, a scheme is devised to create a hoax of being lost in the wilderness, and wait at the cabin until they are rescued.

On the fifth day of the excursion the play begins, at sunset, when Robeson leads them to the secluded cabin. Robeson grew up in Colorado and the group is fully confident in their safety with Robeson as their leader. Each has a private, ulterior reason to agree to the trip and the scheme. These private reasons, responsibility, greed and love, allow Robeson to manipulate each person. Robeson's reason is to set a carefully plotted plan of revenge into motion.

As Robeson tells Manning at the end of the play, "…people are sometimes predetermined. One need only to understand their weakness…greed, love, responsibility…that's a human equation. People generally act accordingly…"

If Robeson is successful in understanding the weakness of each character, his plot forces each character to choose to leave the safety of the cabin. If they do, these people are totally in experienced to survive in the frigid wilderness.

Robeson understands part of human nature will not allow the others to see nor believe he is capable of manipulating them, nor of allowing their deaths. Robeson understands their fears and weaknesses are self- absorbing and so blind them to his plot.

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