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The Modern Approach

Time The recent past* Place Janice and Charlie's living room* 2 Acts with a Cast of 3 Men and 2 Women*

In the Modern Approach, Charlie Reid struggles to express his feelings. Successful in the business world, he learns too late the more important things in life he has avoided. Charlie is finally forced to take a look at himself. and only then does he begin to understand that his relationship with his wife, Janis, has failed for many years.

Accordingly, Janis believes she can find a better life with Walter Hammitt, a quite hansome man who showers her with affection. Charlie agreeably accepts that Janis has found her happiness at long last and he wants to be reasonable -- even if that means helping her leave him for Walter.

Charley does indeed love his wife, but when he faces the reality of their stark relationship, he decides not to stand in the way of her happiness. Janis is starved for Charlie's attention, believeing all would be well if he would only express his love for her. She gives several opportunities to save their marriage, but he is blind to her efforts.

The play starts with a meeting for the three to begin sorting through their marital property. The meeting is to be civil and unemotional. It is a modern approach to divorce.

Through the discourse, the audience soon realizes there is more to Walter's shallowness than at first meets the eye. Seeing an opportunity to acquire Charlie's wealth, position and possessions (not to mention his wife), Walter maneuvers himself in one hour's time to move into Charlie's home and has Charlie packing for the Orient.

Defeated, Charlie concedes to whatever the new couple wants. It all seems settled but nothing works out quite that easily. Gert, wife of Charlie's best client, Sid Greenberg, interrupts the tense pre-divorce meeting so Charlie can look over Sid's emergency investment. Charlie takes the opportunity to flirt with Gert. That proves disastrous.

For years Gert has privately harbored romantic feelings for Charlie. when Janis forces Gert to admit her life with Sid has been severely unfulilling, Gert opens the flood gates of emotion and declares her desire for the bewildered Charlie. firm to her resolve,she calls Sid to tell him she is leaving for good. Forlorn, Sid stakes himself out in his car in front of the house. He pleads with Gert over his car phone to come home. The action and hilarity soon reach a rousing climax.

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(Kiami Jigsaw)

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