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Parade Day

Time Fall 1997* Place A small diner in Roswell, New Mexico, just outside town* 2 Acts with a Cast of 2 Men and 1 Woman*

The play is spurred from the belief in the need of a spiritual unity among mankind.

Parade Day is a play of three individuals in divergent contrast, in a state of individual reformation of life; and of course each seeks the answer to that inevitable question of whom one is. One is young, one is middle aged and one is the elder. Each questions life from his diverse perspective. And yet, they join briefly to understand their common humanity and offer a willingness to embrace a truth, even if that truth can only exist for the short time they spend together at the Flying Saucer Cafe.

Cast Of Characters


The owner of the Flying Saucer Diner. In his 60's or 70's. Buddy is the lone survivor of a group of New mexico residents who witnessed a flying saucer some fifty years ago. A wise man who has senn and heard all. As his life draws to the end, he questions the choices he has made.


A pharmaceutical salesman traveling through the Southwest. He is on route to the home office in California to attend a national sales meeting. Edward is in his 30's. He has traveled from the east coast, opting to drive out and take part of his vacation time rather than fly. Edward is not a cynic, just a lost soul and confused about life.


Around 30, She lives upstairs above the diner. Katie is on the local parade committee. A nice girl trying to understand her life, and the direction to take.End...

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