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Remnants of Desire

Time Late fall, Present* Place Kelly / Franklin's Apartments in a large city* 2 Acts with a Cast of 2 Men and 4 Women* Single Interior

In the Remnants of Desire, the death of a father, the kindness of a neighbor and the vigilance of a cousin are the bases for a love story.

Franklin Kruea wants a more frank, simple and undeceiving life. Kelly Manning is a genuine and sincere person just beginning to discover her talents and abilities. The play follows their lives over a four day period, beginning when Franklin returns from his father's funeral.

They are neighbors in a large city apartment building. Kelly is very much attracted to her new neighbor, Franklin, who has just moved into Kelly's building.

Several months prior, Franklin ended a seven year relationship with his girlfriend, Suzanne who is a documentary film maker. Their relationship ended when Suzanne becomes involved with another man, a man whom she felt had more money and influence to further her career. Suzanne returns needing Franklin's help when this relationship fails. Suzanne is a very attractive, a very sensual and aluring woman. Their relationship has left Franklin blighted.

Kelly, has begun writing a romance novel. Her best friend and cousin, Elaine, is an editor for a small publishing house. With Elaine's guidance, Kelly is doing quite well with her writing. then Kelly joins a woman's group where she meets Marsha. Marsha is attracted to Kelly. She tempts Kelly with opportunities. to meet people and advance her career. Marsha's interest is very selfish, seeing Kelly as a conquest. Her growing influence over Kelly alienates Elaine.

A late night snow offers Kelly and Franklin a chance at trust and faith in their hopes, and in finding the good of themselves.

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