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Remnants of Desire

Cast of Characters


In his 30's, he works for a public relations firm. Franklin is a private man, intelligent and fights for self-control over a drug and alcohol problem which he presently manages. In his early 20's, he had promise as a poet


In her 20's, Kelly is a associate producer for a television program basically a glorified "gofer" with a title and little pay. She is innocent in that she is not quick to judge and is willing to accept others. She is very much attracted to her neighbor, Franklin. She is writing a romance novel.


Kelly's best friend and cousin, Elaine is paranoid and suspicious, but alway acts with the best of intentions. About the same age as Kelly, she is an editor for a small publishing house.


Younger than Franklin, and at one time Franklin's lover. They were intensely sexual during their relationship. The two lived together for five years. She is an independent documentary film maker more interested in Franklin's money than in Franklin. She has a problem with drugs and alcohol, but she has remained in control through her ambition. The documentary she works on is of the fashion industry for which she needs Franklin's money and industry connections.


Suzanne's close friend and confidant. Gay, in his 20's or early 30's, Charles is very much attracted to glitter, fun and excitment, especially at another's expense. He is involved with drugs. He is Suzanne's film or video editor.


Around the same age as Franklin, she offers Kelly opportunities to become a writer. marsha is very much physically attracted to Kelly. Her desires are of a conquest's nature, a challenge, a curiosity. Marsha would not concern herself with any emotional damage she might cause. End..

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