Play Productions

Terry Roueche has written six full length plays that have received full production. They are: Norman Alexander, Take My Wife, Please, The Modern Approach, Dear Aunt Hortence, Penelope and Remnants Of Desire.

Roueche has also written six one-act plays that have received full productions. They are: Money Talks, Man's Final Opinion, Parade Day, Wilson In Small Pieces, Ugly Art, and Life In A Jar.

Parade Day, Take my wife Please and Norman Alexander were performed in New York, in off-off Broadway productions.
Norman Alexander was recently published.

Activities and Achievements

Past President (1995, 1996) of The Scriptwriters of South Carolina, Inc., the South Carolina State Organization of Playwrights.

Board Member of the Rock Hill South Carolina Community Theatre.

Founder of Main Street Theatre, Rock Hill South Carolina.

Founded the South Carolina New Play Festival, sponsored by the Scriptwriters Of South Carolina, Inc.

Contributing photographer, writer for Stage Directions Magazine, a national theatre magazine.

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